Massaging Your Gums

From time to time, and especially at the start of these teeth and gum care practices, you may find areas of your gums that are sore when touched. This usually indicates that they’re under stress. Unless you have recently burned or injured your gums, this typically means an inflammatory reaction to an infection from the bacteria in your mouth.

Massaging your gums with your (clean) fingers will stimulate increased blood flow to the massaged area of the gums. The increased blood flow improves the body’s natural defenses to protect infected gums via the immune system. Quite a number of dental professionals recommend gum massage daily, whether the gums are sore or not.

A balanced blend of select natural substances that have been dissolved in saliva can expose the gums to their properties and can also help provide lubrication underneath your fingers. Gum tissues have absorptive capabilities. They are mucous membranes (as are the linings of the food-absorbing stomach and intestines) and are part of the gastro-intestinal tract, so the choice of natural substances is important. Harsh chemicals should definitely not be used.

To massage with the typical powders of natural substances, place a very small amount in the dry palm of a hand. Dab a moistened finger into the powder and touch the sore area of gums. Give it a second or so to let the powder completely dissolve into a liquid before massaging the area for about 15 seconds.

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